Sona Systems : Remote Transition

Remote Transition

Sona Systems® is here to help you transition to an online research workflow, and transition back when things return to normal

Sona Systems priorities remain keeping our staff healthy and ensuring our ability to serve customers like you in this time of transition. Whether you're now working or learning remotely, we're here to help you transition to an online research workflow; and to also help you transition back when things return to normal. Below is a list of features you can take advantage of to ensure research continuity while you're conducting research online with Sona Systems:

Contact Tracing Report

Generate a contact tracing report to track all participants and researchers who were in contact with a particular person during a past lab study. Contact tracing reports list date, location, and length of potential exposure, as recommended by health authorities.

Integrate studies with more than 15 online survey and experiment builders

Integrate your studies with more than 15 online survey and experiment products, such as Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey and REDCap, and allow participants to receive credit from completed studies automatically once they've completed their survey.

Convert existing lab studies to online studies, and revert back to lab studies later

Easily convert a lab study to an online study, and transition back to a lab study later when the time is right. To convert a lab study to an online study, go to Copy Study to make a copy of your lab study, and convert the copy to an Online Study.

Set up lab studies with video conferencing and virtual interview formats

If your lab studies are now conducted through video conferencing, you can choose to use a lab study and allow participants to choose a suitable time for participating in the study via video conferencing.

Pull reports to show demand for credits, lift online study credit limits, and view building occupancy

Use the System Summary report to monitor credit demand from participants and compare those results against credit supply from researchers to detect insufficient offerings. Administrators can also lift online credit limits and view building occupancy reports to ensure compliance with capacity restrictions.


As your partner, we will continue to look for additional ways to support you during this transition. We're here and committed to helping you effectively manage your research online. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact support at Customers can also follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute system updates and changes @SonaSystemsVIP.